Defence Industries Minister Twitter hack requires investigation

Responding to the controversy about a ‘like’ early this morning on Twitter that the Defence Industries Minister said was not his ‘like’ but due to hacking of his Twitter account, Senator Bernardi has swiftly moved for the matter to be investigated.

The Australian Conservatives leader tabled this motion, for consideration on Monday 27 November:

I give notice that on the next day of sitting, I shall move—That the Senate:

(1) expresses its grave concern that a social media account, passwords and potentially the internet-enabled device or devices of the Minister for Defence Industries, Mr Christopher Pyne, may have been hacked;
(2) further expresses concern about the potential that Australia’s national security may have been placed in a compromising position; and
(3) calls upon the Attorney-General to report back to the parliament before it rises on investigations that have been conducted into the matter.

The move has drawn attention from The Australian newspaper online and the Fairfax newspaper outlets online.

UPDATE (17 November): Labor Opposition leader Bill Shorten said late yesterday that Labor would support Senator Bernardi’s motion, but then this morning former Labor leadership aspirant Anthony Albanese said on his channel 7 Sunrise television segment with Mr Pyne that Labor wouldn’t support the motion.

Senator Bernardi responded with this tweet:

7 News in Adelaide covered the developments in the story shown below:

UPDATE (18 November): Sharri Markson writes in the Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper that the Prime Minister suggested one of Mr Pyne’s former staff members may have been responsible for ‘hacking’ the Twitter account.