Death of Stalin

March 05, 2018

On this day, 5 March in 1953, the most ruthless and shameless communist dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) died. Commemorate this noteworthy day in history reminding your family, friends and mates about the dangers of communism and Marxism today.

Stalin died of a cerebral haemorrhage (possibly assassinated via poisoning).

During his 29 year reign of terror and cruelty –succeeding Vladimir Lenin in 1924 – Stalin transformed the USSR from a peasant society into an industrial and military superpower at a brutal cost in terms of life, liberty, hunger and free thought.

Estimates vary between 9 and 25 million as to how many of his own people Stalin had killed, largely through purges to eradicate his “enemies of the working class” – his victims of repression. He achieved these numbers mainly through executions, Gulags (ie torture or poor conditions in these corrective labour camps), deportations, forced resettlements (eg to Siberia) and severe mistreatment of PoWs and German civilians.

Many more died in famines from starvation as the farms became more collectivized and dis-incentivised, and particularly when bad seasons struck.

His “Great Purge” from 1934 was rudely interrupted in 1939 by the Nazis and WWII – where he sided with the Allies – but as soon as WWII was over, he embarked on an increasingly tense relationship with the West known as the ‘Cold War’ (only ending in 1991 when the USSR collapsed).

Celebrate this day marking the end of this brutal Marxist dictator by:

  • reflecting on the tragedy and disappointment that every Marxist regime delivers relative to the utopian paradise always promised
  • ensuring friends and loved ones are aware of the lures of Marxism
  • swearing to never let Marxism and its “divide and conquer” strategies ever penetrate so far and so deep here, and/or
  • sharing this post on social media, including with those less aware (or in need of reminding) of the ravages of Marxism over the last 100 years.

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