Cultural diversity training day? No thanks!

January 24, 2018

Federal Government employees are being offered formal training on how to better understand indigenous Australians and Australian Conservatives Leader and South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi have labelled the move a patronising and demeaning affront to the dignity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Ministerial and parliamentary services employees have been offered two hours’ training designed to:

“provide a better understanding of indigenous Australians in your workplace, social environments and the community in which you live and work. Whether you are delivering services specifically to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, working with indigenous colleagues, working with the general public or you just want to increase your understanding about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people you live with, this course is of benefit to you.”

Senator Bernardi told The Australian newspaper overnight, “We live in a country where we should all be afforded the same understanding and expectations as we give to others yet the luvvies are on the march again, insisting that sections of our society be identified, quarantined and treated in a ‘different’ way.”

“It’s cultural apartheid pure and simple and this kind of tokenistic fawning is symptomatic  of the growing malaise which is relentlessly foisted upon us by the Politically Correct mafia.”

“The very title of the course itself, “Developing Work Practices to Accommodate Cultural Identity” smacks of George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth!”

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