Crowd gathers to hear about conservatism

August 03, 2018

The Conservative Party rolled into Rockhampton last night to talk up their efforts to reshape Australia's political landscape.

The Conservatives are determined to right the wrongs of the past by offering a fresh consistent vision which could secure some seats in the Senate and possibly lead to holding the balance of power.

The Morning Bulletin reports, determined to reassert the conservative movement as an Australian political force, party leader Senator Cory Bernardi and his new Senate candidate Lyle Shelton (both pictured) attracted a crowd of more than 100 people to the Rockhampton Leagues Club to hear them speak.

Senator Bernardi said he was enjoying his first ever visit to Rockhampton and had a number of people approach him to share their concerns which mainly centred around reducing cost of living pressures.

“I want to help make people’s lives better because politics is failing them. Something is broken in our system,” Senator Bernardi said.

Accompanying the Senator was the former director of the Australian Christian Lobby Mr Shelton, with whom he worked closely during their ‘no’ campaign against same-sex-marriage last year.

“I just think this is the last chance our country has to restore common sense at the next election,” Mr Shelton said.

“Unless we can create this presence that is principled and constructive, I’d be very worried about the future of our nation.”

Speaking to the crowd, the politicians traversed a number of topics close to the heart of the conservative movement including freedom of speech, embracing coal fired power, less government intervention and red tape and railing against gender fluidity education in schools.

Mr Shelton warned of a looming economic crisis, a freedom of speech crisis and “we can’t even work out if we’re Arthur or Martha”.

Senator Bernardi said he wanted to foster free enterprise, hope, opportunity and optimism in society, remove people’s reliance on government and stop the country from going backwards.

“Conservatism is taking the lessons of the past, the wisdom of our forefathers, the lived experience that have seen things evolve through trial and error until they become institutions working for us,” he said.

Priorities of the Conservatives:

  • Cost of living: Lowering electricity prices;
  • Fighting political correctness: Protecting Australia Day, free speech, freedom of religion and family values;
  • Securing borders: Clamping down on Islamic extremism, unsustainable immigration and loss of our sovereignty to the UN.
  • Bursting the Canberra bubble: Forcing government to live within its means and to lower taxes.

Senator Bernardi spoke to the Triple M Network's Luke Bona after last night's event which he says went really well.

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