Crackdown shocks parents as experts dispute claims that toy guns create violent behaviour

July 05, 2018

Childcare centres are banning children from playing games such as “cops and robbers” with toy guns and plastic fake knives because of fears they promote violent “warlike” behaviour - something the Conservative Party says is another example of politically correct behaviour encouraged by the nanny state.

The Daily Telegraph reports, mock pirate swords, bows and arrows and even Lego weapons have also been outlawed by childcare operators in a bid to curb “aggressive” play.

That’s despite parents expressing concerns that the “politically correct” ­restrictions could hinder children’s imaginative play and physical games as well as ­experts disputing claimed links between the toys and ­detrimental changes in child conduct.

Just last month, controversy erupted in the UK when Prince George (pictured) was photographed playing with a pretend pistol. Child psychologist Dr Justin Coulson said there is no evidence to suggest playing with guns changes the behaviour of children, who instead should be allowed to run with their imaginations.

“The current evidence suggests that playing with toy guns will have essentially no measurable impact on a child’s attitudes or behaviours,” he said.

Conservative Party Senate Candidate Rikki Lambert says parents, not childcare centres, should decide what their children should be able to play with. 

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