Could the UN have run its course? Lambert

March 22, 2019

Australia gives the United Nations more than $730 million a year - equivalent to $55 per taxpayer or $30 per person, every year. China, by contrast, has an economy nearly 20 times larger yet gives the UN less than $1 US dollar per person.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has demonstrated the scandalous waste of hundreds of millions of dollars in Australian aid to the UN in Palestine and Afghanistan and the US Trump Administration has started slashing aid to questionable UN programs.

The UN’s primary mission was originally to preserve world peace, promote international co-operation, enhance development, lift people out of poverty, and to create and maintain international order.

But in recent decades, it has broadened its global role and reach through carefully engineered, sinister, “scope creep”.

It has morphed into a massive, wasteful, jet-setting, tin-eared, opaque and scandal-plagued bureaucracy intent on:

  • regulating ever more aspects of peoples’ lives
  • usurping the borders and sovereignty of nations
  • providing peace-keeping and aid for sex, personal favours and kickbacks, and
  • redistributing wealth from the developed to the developing world, via their increasingly “sticky fingers”, through schemes underpinned by pseudo-science.

The Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert has told Chris Carpenter on Adelaide radio station Hills Radio, it could have run its course.

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Defund The UN

Defund the UN – enough is enough! The UN has proven to be a black hole for Australian aid money, turning a blind eye to corruption, having the nerve to lecture Australia about how to...

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