Cost of living soars under 16 years of Labor

February 19, 2018

The Australian Conservatives have conducted the first audit of government fees and charges during Labor’s 16 year tenure and found price rises ranging from 50 per cent to 3,000 per cent.

“The rise in government fees and charges in real terms is astounding and shows what happens when governments don’t live within their means but instead raise the prices of their services to try to make up for their overspending,” Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire said.

Under Labor:

  • Water costs $2.74 more for every kilolitre used
  • Motor vehicle registration costs $264 more each year
  • The Solid Waste Levy is $80 more each year
  • A public transport 28 day passes cost $157 more per year

*see above chart for further figures

Mr Brokenshire went on, "No wonder the government can afford an election promise to cut public transport costs as the current cost is 32% higher now than when they came into office.” 

“Our analysis looks at the costs when Labor came to power 16 years ago and what the costs are now, we then calculated the figures relative to CPI because we were looking for real rises not alarmist claims. For example a driver’s license cost $22 in 2002 and now it costs $43."

 “The rising cost of living is putting pressure on the majority of South Australians and no amount of political spin can hide the truth – families, businesses and farmers across this state are hurting. And we are just talking government fees and charges, this doesn’t even take into account the rising cost of electricity people are paying.” Mr Brokenshire said.

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