Cory Bernardi says immigration should be halved

February 12, 2017

Australian Conservatives founder, South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi says he would be “happy” to campaign on halving Australia’s migrant intake, declaring the idea made “economic” sense.

The Australian reports, Senator Bernardi said a “more stringent” assessment process of migrants could ensure they come to Australia “for the right reasons”.

But he said he had never advocated for restricting the entry of Muslims intro Australia.

“What I have advocated for in the past is a non-discriminatory immigration policy but one that works to our advantage economically, socially and culturally. That means we have to look at the economic impact of migrants and there’s a very strong case that says when you look at it on a per capita income basis, we could halve our existing migration intake,” Senator Bernardi said.

“That means also we should be discerning about the qualities and characteristics of the individuals we let in. So that means what skills do we need? Are they going to be bringing capital and innovation to our country? Are they going to be making our nation stronger? Are they going to fit in and abide by the rule of law?”

“Anyone who comes here and thinks they should set up a parallel legal system or they should bring some culture or historical sort of baggage with them and they want to place that in Australian society I think is barking up the wrong path and we don’t want that sort of thing here,” Senator Bernardi said.

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