Rikki Lambert to run for Senate with Conservatives

May 28, 2018

Rikki Lambert will make a tilt for a South Australian senate seat on the Australian Conservatives ticket at the next federal election.

The Advertiser reports, 40 year old Mr Lambert, of Angaston, said his 12 year “apprenticeship” as an adviser to state MPs and senators, including his current job as chief of staff to Australian Conservatives leader Senator Cory Bernardi, had prepared him to be a capable member of federal Parliament.

“This is what I’ve been building up to for sometime with my career and skill set,” he said.

Mr Lambert, a former chief of staff to Family First Senator Bob Day, pledged to be predictable and consistent with his vote rather than seek his “five minutes of fame”.

“The celebrity crossbench fad must end — it’s time for a common sense crossbench. It’s time for the Australian Conservatives,” he said.

“Labor, the Greens and would-be Senate celebrities have been laying waste to the Australian success story. We need principled and proven successful decision making.

”This means stopping the social experiments, political correctness, high taxes, high spending, boondoggles and the ‘look at me’ mentality of past and present senates.”

The married father of four said having grown up in Berri he was particularly passionate about issues surrounding the Murray River.

He said the Murray Darling Basin Plan would come up for renewal during the next Senate term and that, if elected, he would ensure there was a new agreement that “properly balances the environment with the river communities”.

Senator Bernardi said he was delighted Mr Lambert had put his hand up to stand for the Australian Conservatives.

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