Coronial inquest sought on country mental health case

January 30, 2018

Australian Conservatives MLC and family friend Rob Brokenshire is backing Jack and Poppy Papageorgiou as they call for a coronial inquest into their son's death 2 years ago.

The Papageorgious have made the call in the local Riverland media after enduring what they describe as a "nightmare" two years searching for answers about 27-year old Theo's death.

Renmark's Murray Pioneer reports among a litany of damning claims – many backed up by SA’s former chief psychiatrist, Dr Aaron Groves – the couple say Theo was turned away from Berri’s emergency department, misdiagnosed and incorrectly medicated.

The couple also claim they were told it was “bad luck” that Theo presented during the Christmas/New Year period when regular mental health staff were on leave.

Long-time family friend and Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire, says Theo was ‘badly let down’.

“I don't care if they're regular staff or not. The fact is people have mental health problems at Christmas and New Year, especially at those times in fact. I’m advised the chief psychiatrist also said that this led to confusion around the most likely diagnosis for Theo and that's just unbelievable.

“We need to get people with the right training and understanding, and the right availability of information, 24/7, every day of the year.”

Mr Brokenshire said the couple’s experience proved that the system is letting people down,“It failed and it needs to be tipped upside down – it's not rocket science to see what's wrong.”

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