Conservatives welcome SA Opposition plan to dump Safe Schools

January 17, 2018

Australian Conservatives MLC Dennis Hood has welcomed the Liberal Party's decision to axe the so-called 'Safe Schools' program if it wins office.

As first reported in the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper this morning, and as this news report outlines, the Liberals have committed to axing the program should they win office at the South Australian state election in March. They propose replacing it with a program that focuses on the broader number of causes of bullying, and cyber-bullying.

Mr Hood said Australian Conservatives had led the fight against the Safe Schools program and was pleased to see the Liberals were now on board with getting rid of the program that actively promotes radical gender theory using state government funding.

"Safe Schools has never been about safety or reducing bullying, it has been a program solely focused at pushing an agenda that does not sit well with most families," Mr Hood said, "Our offices have been inundated with parents, grandparents and educators who did not want their children taught this theory in the classroom. If the Liberal Party is happy to scrap this contentious program that has no scientific backing and replace it with a broader evidence-based anti-bullying program with a focus on cyber-bullying, then this is something we would be willing to support them in. Such a program must be developed in conjunction with the community and it must be a program that is comprehensive and intended to keep young people safe."


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