Conservatives visit Port Lincoln

March 01, 2018

Two members of the Australian Conservatives vying for election in the South Australian legislative council visited Port Lincoln on Tuesday to talk about their policies for the region, including support for a deep-water port at Cape Hardy.

The Port Lincoln Times reports that Legislative Council member Robert Brokenshire said Cape Hardy was the best location with the best economic opportunities for a deep-water port development in the Spencer Gulf.

He said it was a logical location since 98 per cent of the grain farmed on Eyre Peninsula was  exported.

Mr Brokenshire also supports the improvement of Eyre Peninsula road infrastructure to support farmers.

He said the roads werebuilt for seven-tonne trucks, not trucks, which, when loaded, could weigh 70 tonnes.

He said road upgrades costing “several hundred of millions” of dollars were needed.

“Part of the reason is there’s so much road on the Eyre Peninsula,” he said.

Mr Brokenshire said the region also needed stable energy, which could come from nuclear energy.

“(We need) cheap, sustainable,base-load power,” he said.

He said building small nuclear reactors was “extremely safe” and cited China and France as examples of two countries that have used the technology.

Australian Conservatives Legislative Council candidate Nicolle Jachmann,who is from the Riverland and chief executive officer of an aged care facility, said her focus would be giving a voice to rural areas in the upper house.

She said that rural areas “punched well above their weight” in terms of economic development and wealth generation.

Ms Jachmann said rural areas needed to see more governmental spending as rural regions  generated significant income.

Picture: Australian Conservative candidates Nicolle Jachmann and Robert Brokenshire MLC

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