Why vote for Matt in Morialta?

March 15, 2018

Conservative candidate for Morialta Matt Smith has told the Weekender Herald the seat of Morialta is diverse with people living in both country and metropolitan areas and as such it needs strong, principled representation in parliament from someone who is aware of the vast array of issues.

He continued, ”A couple of the issues facing Morialta that I will touch on this week are roads and emergency services. Much of the electorate lies in bush fire prone areas and, while we were lucky this summer, we can’t say the same for summers past.”

“We have so much to be thankful for when it comes to the brave volunteers who put their lives on the line to protect us at such times. As the member for Morialta I would do all I could in the Lower House of parliament to support our important volunteers,” Mr Smith said.

“Our members in the Upper House of parliament have a strong history of working with the  volunteers and have stood fast against legislation that would have undermined their work.”

“Our members supported and fought for these volunteers and were on their side when Labor tried to force sector reform on them without proper consultation or agreeance. Because of this our Party moved a bill last year to put in place a charter that gives CFS and SES volunteers the right to input into what happens to them rather than always being told what is going to be done to them,” he said.

“This was passed in the Legislative Council where it was introduced by our member Robert Brokenshire but the government did not pass it in the Lower House before the parliament closed ahead of the election which was disappointing.”

Mr Smith said, “Our members will push for this important charter to be moved through after the election as a priority. Australian Conservatives broke the news recently that the log of road maintenance needed across the state has escalated to the point that whoever forms Government on March 17 will inherit a backlog of work that has ballooned from $160m in 2004 to billions of dollars today.

“FOI documents shows Labor has not scheduled maintenance to be completed until 2032 on large sections of regional roads. Ignoring road maintenance is a disgrace, causing problems to accumulate, and puts lives at risk. We shouldn’t have to fight to get basic upgrades, to get road shoulders sealed, to have trees removed that create a hazard for drivers or to make sure our roads are safe and in good repair.”

“We have a plan for SA that would drive economic reform and bring money in that could be used to address this backlog,” he concluded.

To see the Australian Conservatives’ 2018 Election Plan for South Australia, click here.

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