Conservatives take aim at Greens: Bailey

December 04, 2018

The Conservative Party's Victorian Senate candidate Kevin Bailey says his party is "determined to displace the Greens" at the next federal election.

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The Gippsland Times & Maffra Spectator reports, Mr Bailey said the Greens had been nothing but "destructive", in what he described was as an era of identity-driven politics.

During a recent visit to Sale, Mr Bailey said his party would be "attacking the federal election to get control of the senate to take the balance of power away from the Greens".

"We are a good chance of securing a senator from each state, and will be campaigning hard to ensure voters have confidence that legislation is looked at with our common sense approach," he claimed.

Under the leadership of Cory Bernardi, who left the Liberals last year to establish the party, the Australian Conservatives have established a membership of more than 14,000.

An ex-serviceman, Mr Bailey said his team was driven in breaking down the common "misconception" people held about conservatives, and explained it would be aiming to offer a "good alternative" to voters.

"You are mainstream as a Conservative voter and you can vote Labor or Coalition for government, but vote Conservatives in the Senate to hold them to account instead of the Greens influence," he urged.

"Populism hasn't worked, and as a result we have ended up with the politicians we deserve because people just don't care enough - we want to change that," Mr Bailey said.

Earlier last month the former SAS soldier said he wanted to discuss what he believed were "politically correct policies weakening the military's fighting capacity and morale".

He said these included lowered standards in recruitment and training programs, the freeze on male recruitment, introduction of "unconscious bias" training for men, banning fighting symbols and "the increase of politically-loaded campaigns such as painting pinky fingernails pink for gender equity".

Mr Bailey has told Melbourne radio station J-AIR 87.8 it's important we shut down the Greens at the next federal election.

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