Conservatives' Right to Farm push

October 05, 2017

Australian Conservatives South Australian MLC Robert Brokenshire will be pushing for Right to Farm Legislation in the lead up to the March 2018 state election.

“I will not only be pushing for this important legislation, I will also be calling on the two major parties to support the Australian Conservatives plan to introduce Right to Farm legislation after the election,” Mr Brokenshire said.

“It is about time there was bipartisan support for our rural sector and Right to Farm is a big step in the right direction. If either party is even remotely serious about protecting farming practices in this state then we invite them to get on board.”

Mr Brokenshire said Australian Conservatives Right to Farm Policy included protecting farmers from nuisance complaints and unnecessary law suits when their behaviour and practices were simply part of normal farming activities.

“Right to Farm is two-fold. It protects farmers from nuisance complaints by making it a legal requirement that anyone buying a property in a farming area is told upfront about the types of activities taking place on neighbouring properties. This includes being told about the agricultural use of neighbouring land, the types of noises and smells found on nearby farms and the fact, in some cases, that chemicals are sprayed to protect crops.”

“You would be surprised that some people move to the country and are then shocked when they find that tractors work all hours of the day and night and often with their lights on. They complain that chemicals are used or that there are animal smells and noises.”

“Enshrining Right to Farm into law would simply make sure that farmers could go about their daily business without having to fight nuisance and vexatious claims through the EPA or other government departments.”

“America has these types of protections in place for its vital agricultural industry – this is a chance for SA to lead the way and be the first in Australia to give our farmers the same types of assurance.”

Mr Brokenshire said that without such protections some SA farmers were going to extraordinary lengths to protect themselves, including one farm where the owner had purchased expensive signage to warn potential neighbours of what they would experience if they bought next door.” (See above photo)

“People often have a romantic idea of what it would be like to live near a vineyard and are then upset when they see chemicals being sprayed, find the equipment running all night or their lunch is ruined by the smell of manure used to fertilise the vines. Unfortunately, these are the realities of farm life, and no farmer should have to lawyer-up to defend basic farm practices simply because neighbours weren’t made fully aware of what they were buying into. Change of land use is also an issue where existing use of neighbouring property should not be impacted.”

“I would highly recommend the country life, but it is important that people are aware of what they are buying into, for both their sake and the sake of our rural communities.”

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