Conservatives name Ryde candidate

January 23, 2019

A 58-year-old QANTAS pilot who has been a resident of Ryde for 29 years have been selected as the Conservative Party's candidate for the New South Wales State seat of Ryde.

Steve Busch who is married with four children and lives in the suburb of Eastwood with his wife Kathryn, is contesting the local seat because “candidates with the two major parties are too busy playing politics and have failed spectacularly to look after the interests of our community”.

“Our Community needs the voice of someone who has ‘skin in the game’, and someone who cares about local people. Ryde is a very diverse community and one with strong traditional values – Australian values – that seem to have been forgotten by the main contenders,” Mr Busch said.

The Conservatives' candidate listed his major concern as the failure by Government to provide proper infrastructure as the Ryde electorate experienced major business and employment growth particularly in Macquarie Park along with higher residential density.

“Our city has been choked by road traffic congestion, public transport is bursting at the seams at peak hour particularly on the northern rail line, our schools are full of demountable buildings where once there were playgrounds for kids, crime is increasing but local police numbers remain low and there are so many other things that should be addressed.”

“Instead of political point-scoring, demonising and blaming each other and everyone else for our city’s growth, the Liberal MP and Labor candidate should be advocating solutions,” he said.

Mr Busch said the Conservative Party took a common-sense and practical approach to the big issues facing NSW such as energy supply, affordable housing, high government fees and charges on business and ordinary people, and the supply of water to drought affected areas. Policy announcements on these and other matters will be made in the coming weeks.

The Ryde candidate added that he held strong views on social issues which would reflect how he voted in State Parliament if elected. “I make no apology for my support for traditional marriage and being involved in the marriage campaign in Bennelong where most people actually rejected same-sex marriage. I will oppose any move to allow late-term abortion on demand in NSW. I will oppose children being taught harmful gender-fluidity theory in schools, and I will not support euthanasia of our elderly”.

The Australian Conservatives will be holding ‘meet our candidate’ events for Steve Busch in the lead-up to the State election.

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