We're backing the Liberals. Who are you backing Nick?

March 15, 2018

Australian Conservatives MLC and Upper House Candidate Robert Brokenshire wants Nick Xenophon to finally be honest and tell the public who he intends to support in the case of a hung parliament before Saturday’s election.

“People want to know where their vote is going to end up as they are sick of surprise governments. Independents put Labor back in last time and the people are still angry that their vote went where they didn’t want it to go and they are worried that will happen again. So Mr Xenophon needs to finally fess up with his plans,” Mr Brokenshire said.

“The people should know without a doubt that if they vote for a minor party or an independent, who that person or party would support to form government. It is something that all minor parties and independents should have to declare seven days before an election.”

“Australian Conservatives and SA Best are minor parties who are running a similar number of candidates across the state and we are willing to be transparent with the people about who we would support if we are in that position after this weekend’s election.”

“That is a principled way of running, without hiding behind the pretence of post-election consultation. The election is not a surprise event and all of us running have had plenty of time to check the pulse of the community and to know where our support would go. To say otherwise is just smoke and mirrors.”

“I and my Upper House running mate Nicolle Jachmann have travelled extensively across the state over the past few months and have a lot of support in regional South Australia. We see people who want a conservative government but who want to send a message to the Liberal Party that they aren’t happy but on the other hand they don’t want to give their vote to Labor or other left-leaning parties. So we are happy to tell people vote for us, and if you want to know who we would support to form government, we are happy to say we would support Liberal forming government because this state needs a change after 16 years of a tired, stale Labor government.”

Mr Brokenshire said Australian Conservatives may get the numbers on Saturday or they may not but the situation is equally true of SA Best whose candidates are untried and virtually unknown.

“We are tried and true with two members in the Upper House so people know who they will get on Saturday and our Lower House candidates have been active at forums, they have been out in their communities and unlike SA Best they have not been gagged from speaking to the media.”

“This is not about who will be kingmaker but who will be honest and tell the people what they can expect from the party they vote for.”

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Picture: Australian Conservatives' candidates Nicolle Jackmann and Robert Brokenshire

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