Conservatives host Town Hall meeting

March 08, 2018

Australian Conservatives representatives hosted a question-and-answer forum in the Kadina Town Hall this week.

The Yorke Peninsula Country Times reports Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire is up for re-election to the upper house, supported by Nicolle Jachmann in  the second spot on the party's ticket.

Rebecca Hewett is running for the seat of Narungga in the lower house.

The Conservatives used the meeting to hear local concerns and spruik the party's policy for rural and regional South Australia.

An extensive 15-page policy document was released just hours before the Kadina meeting.

Mr Brokenshire said it would put regional South Australians front and centre, and address inequalities in services when comparing the country to the city.

"I work closely with regional people and my goal is to see a greater focus on them and their needs through changes in taxation, cutting of red tape, proper investment in health, infrastructure and agricultural research and development," he said.

The policy includes marketing SA's agriculture sector by spending $4 million over four years to educate people about farming and buying local, and establishing a committee to keep a continual focus on SA agriculture.

Farmers would also benefit from an allowance for agricultural properties to have two water meters - one for the house and another for use with livestock at half the usual cost.

It also seeks to repeal the Natural Resources Management Act, and establish a Royalties for Regions program in which 35 per cent of mining royalties must be spent in the country.

This would result in about $88 million being returned to the regions for various projects, Mr Brokenshire said.

The party wants health funding including $50 million to address "the most urgent backlog of maintenance" over two years, and a further $70 million within the four-year term of the next government.

The document also includes the Conservatives' pledge to try to ban major mining on prime farming land.

To see the Australian Conservatives’ 2018 Election Plan for South Australia, click here.

Picture: Nicolle Jachmann and Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire

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