Conservatives criticise road neglect

March 13, 2018

The Australian Conservatives are taking a stand against the neglect of South Australian roads including those around Port Pirie.

The Recorder reports Robert Brokenshire, who is an Upper House member for the party and a candidate at this Saturday's state election, says that the state government has allowed the roads to become rundown at the expense of billions of dollars.

“When it comes to road maintenance and safety improvements, that total is now more than $1 billion just in road backlog,” he said in Port Pirie.

In 2004, the backlog in road maintenance was $106 million, yet now it totals more than a billion dollars, he says.

The party has designed many plans to revitalise country roads and Mr Brokenshire has been pushing for Royalties for Regions for the past nine years.

Under the scheme, mining royalties are spread around country projects.

Mr Brokenshire said that finally the Liberal Party had agreed with the policy which will subsequently allow the Australian Conservatives to pursue a mandate if there is a change of government.

The goal is to introduce the scheme as it would bring an “extra $8 million a year to our regions”, he said.

Mr Brokenshire says his party yearns for a strong economy throughout the state.

“We wish to achieve young people having jobs and staying in the regions and an environmental economy that will allow existing and new businesses to thrive,” he said.

“We want to restore ‘values’ to our state.”

He said that decentralisation is a key aim.

“We don’t apologise for being country-focussed, we are going to bring it right back to the government and ask: what will you do for the country, for Frome?” he said.

“We stand for core values that hold communities together. We have a focus on strong families and communities. We want a civil society.

“It is the only way to take the nation forward.”

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