Conservatives contender backs nuclear investigation

February 28, 2018

A nuclear waste storage facility will have a litany of benefits for South Australian regional  communities, Australian Conservatives candidate for MacKillop Richard Bateman says.

The Penola Penant reports following the party’s pledge to revive the investigation of a nuclear waste  storage facility in South Australia, Mr Bateman said a waste facility would generate billions of dollars each year.

The facility would seed a $445 billion state wealth fund for “future opportunities”, with all unspent amounts earned to be used to pay down the state’s $14 billion public debt.

Mr Bateman said the facility would create $6.7 billion in gross state product by 2029/30 and would allow the repeal of the NRM Levy, Emergency Services Levy, payroll tax, stamp duty and land tax.

“It is going to benefit everyone,”Mr Bateman said.

“We’ll have cheaper power, people will pay less taxes and there will be more money in your pocket. The government will have money left over to build infrastructure in the state and we can upgrade regional roads and country services,” he continued.

The State Government initiated a Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission in 2015, with the primary task of investigating opportunities and risks associated with the potential expansion of South Australia’s role in nuclear fuel creation to disposal.

The commission found the state could profitably accept nuclear waste from prospective international clients and store it in a deep geological storage facility.

But a Labor government-appointed  citizen’s jury concluded the importation of spent nuclear fuel to the state should not be pursued.

Picture: Australian Conservatives candidate for MacKilliop Richard Bateman

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