Conservatives’ candidate wants to hear from electorate

April 05, 2019

Conservative Party Victorian Senate candidate Kevin Bailey has told the Wangaratta Chronicle he stands by the pamphlets warning about the danger from Muslim extremism, which have been dropped into Wangaratta mailboxes in recent weeks, including just after the Christchurch terrorist attack on a mosque.

Mr Bailey will visit Wangaratta tomorrow to speak to local voters about the impending election campaign.

“I stand by the statement (in the pamphlet) to clamp down on Islamic terrorism as it is the overwhelmingly largest threat to Australians today,” he said.

“It is red (in the pamphlet) to highlight the danger and when the brochures were designed and printed in September last year it was, and remains, a real and present danger. We would be naive to think otherwise," he said.

“If people feel upset then I want them to know that I also feel upset about what happened to those poor people in Christchurch as I have been upset again and again as I have read about innocent people being murdered by terrorists in the name of ideology," he continued.

"I trained in counter terrorism and received a service medal for counter terrorism with the Australian SAS. It is something we should never tolerate.” Mr Bailey said the brochures were being delivered over a period of several months so it was just coincidental that some were delivered just after the Christchurch attack.

People can meet Mr Bailey at the Wangaratta Club tomorrow at 6pm and have a chat about anything. 

He will speak on key topics, including the need to protect our citizens from external and internal threats.

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