Conservatives call on PM to reject LGBTIQA indoctrination of children at school

February 07, 2019

With Australian children’s literacy levels in catastrophic decline, some English teachers are using the passing of same-sex marriage to demand children be forced to study LGBTIQA-themed books.

Conservative Party Queensland Senate candidate and former advocate for retaining the definition of marriage, Lyle Shelton, said Australians have been misled about the consequences of changing the Marriage Act.

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“Same sex marriage activists said there would be no consequences and that the issue was only about the love of two people. Clearly that was a lie," he said.

“In good faith, Australians voted yes but did not bank on their kids being inducted into radical LGBTIQ concepts through book quotas in the English syllabus,” Mr Shelton called on the Prime Minister Scott Morrison to reject calls to force children to study LGBTIQA-themed books without their parents’ permission.

“The Liberal and National parties need to fix the mess they created by capitulating to the demands of radical rainbow activists who want to indoctrinate our children,” Mr Shelton said.

He says our national broadcaster, the ABC, is also complicit in promoting this rubbish.

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