Conservatives are last standing in drugs fight

January 15, 2019

With key Labor and LNP figures capitulating to the green-left’s vision to legalise dangerous drugs, Conservative Party Senate candidate for Queensland Lyle Shelton said he will fight to stop them being normalised.

“Green-lighting deadly and addictive drugs will not save lives in the long run. We should never send a message to children that heroin, mind-trashing cannabis and poisonous chemical pills can be taken under any circumstances," Mr Shelton said. 

“While testing pills and legalising drugs sounds attractive, it fails to take in to account the deaths from poisonous drugs and the costs of maintaining people in life-controlling addictions,” he continued.

“Of course enforcement is challenging and difficult. There are some things we can’t stop, including murder, but it doesn’t mean we give up and regulate them. The green-left is using the tragic death of teenagers, some of whom would have died, even if their pills had been tested, to cause our society to give up on prohibiting drugs," he said.

“Appeasement and surrender always look attractive when faced with difficulty. There should be a review of enforcement measures including penalties for anyone caught manufacturing and selling drugs,” Mr Shelton said.

“When was the last time a drug trafficker served the maximum 25 years in Queensland? Ensuring the sellers of poisonous pills at music festivals face the full force of the law would focus their minds. The reality is that these people are effectively guilty of manslaughter. Pill testing would only green-light the use of their deadly wares,” Mr Shelton concluded.

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