Conservative voices return to core values

March 26, 2018

For Lyle Shelton cricket is a metaphor for life and politics.

"This scandal over the weekend has gutted me, the game is centred around sportsmanship and character and our national team has crashed those values," he said.

The Gladstone Observer reports According to Mr Shelton the recent outrage is symptomatic of the cultural drift away from the guiding principles that govern our lives, "If you can't control yourself, or be guided by honesty and integrity, then it doesn't matter how many laws government creates." Which is what attracted him to The Australian Conservatives, the party started by Cory Bernardi last year when he became disaffected with the Liberal Party.

Mr Shelton believes the party is a common sense alternative to the Greens and the major parties.

"We believe in small government, restoring freedom of speech and returning to community values," he said.

He added that the party is already reaching some of the more than 30% of disaffected voters around the country.

"Our candidates preferences to Labor prevented the Greens from gaining another seat, even though it was a choice between worst and terrible," he said.

He admits the Australian Conservatives didn't poll as well in the South Australian state election on the same weekend.

"We had merged with the Family First party and didn't fully get our message out to the people who normally would have voted for us," he said.

He believes that his party's greatest challenge is to attract the attention of disillusioned voters.

"Australians aren't following politics as closely as they should, and this is why we're moving further and further to the left," he said.

Mr Shelton, and the small group of people who had gathered to meet with him in Gladstone early Monday morning, believe politicians need to be guided by strong principles and ethics, particularly in the wake of recent scandals like the Barnaby Joyce affair.

"If you can't be loyal to your wife and your family, then it says a lot about your character," he said.

Mr Shelton is currently touring Queensland to promote his candidacy for the Australian senate as a member of the Australian Conservatives team.

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