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December 12, 2018

With the Federal election just around the corner the Conservative Party's Victorian Senate Candidate Kevin Bailey is eager to hold the "big two" parties to account and stand up for "traditional Aussie values".

The Benalla Ensign reports, Mr Bailey hit the campaign trail last week and spoke about his dismay with political correctness and identity policy - and what he plans to do about it.

"I'm very concerned about the narrative that's been going on in politics," Mr Bailey said.

"The things politicians are talking about are not what me and my wife are talking about at home. I think one of the things I find is that there's been an ideology that has put forward a narrative that somehow people are shamed or silenced into not having a point of view. And I believe the intolerance of the tolerance-brigade is quite dangerous. Views that were considered very Australian are being silenced and that is not healthy and not good," he said.

Following recent events in Canberra, which has seen yet another change in prime minister, Mr Bailey decided to run for the party as he was concerned about the career politicians who seem more interested in themselves than governing for the people.

"When Cory Bernardi started the party I jumped at the chance to be a part," Mr Bailey said.

"They asked me to stand as the Senate candidate, so I'm giving that 100 per cent. The major parties have been infested by an ideology that has come from the Greens. There are six Greens Senators standing for re-election and we have a chance to vote them out," he said.

"We only need 14.3 per cent of the vote to get a seat in the Senate. We don't have to convince everyone to vote for us, we just have to convince 14.3 per cent. So I'm focusing on regional and rural Australia as they are the people who have the values that resonate strongly with conservatives," he continued.

"The inner-city elites have dictated the beliefs of Labor and the Greens, and the Liberals and Nationals are now following those beliefs, too," Mr Bailey said. 

The Conservatives are running on a number of platforms including: stopping post Parliamentary benefits for former members; capping political donations and improving transparency; a pay-freeze for sitting politicians; streamlining defence spending and supporting veterans; and returning the budget to surplus.

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"Effectively, as the name says, we're conservative, and we don't think there has been a traditional values voice in the parliament for some time," Mr Bailey said.

"The Greens have held the balance of power in the past few years and they have been very ideology driven. "The sorts of issues they are pushing have been the antithesis of what common sense thinking is to most Australians," he said.

The Senate election must happen before May 18, however, and for many years Senate elections and House elections have occurred on the same day.  With Prime Minister Scott Morrison presiding over a minority government the Coalition may have their hand forced, and it could be as soon as January.

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