Common Sense Has To Seize The Day: Bernardi

March 20, 2019

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says last Friday’s Christchurch mosque attack was a barbarous act, made all the more heinous because it was perpetrated on people in their place of worship. But the political and media response has been nothing less than appalling.

Many politicians and others in the media have exposed themselves as hypocrites, craven opportunists and shameless political phonies - chief amongst them are the Greens and the political Left.

For too long these disgracefully unprincipled people have excused and defended violent leftists seeking to disrupt our social norms.

They have sought to shut down any counter view through threats, bullying, intimidation and direct assaults.

They care nothing for the potential consequences of their actions, instead choosing to rationalise that their political objectives justify whatever means are necessary.

Regrettably, the media is as culpable as the lefty politicians, happily jumping onto the opportunity to push false narratives to further their own political beliefs.

Senator Bernardi has told Paul Murray Live on Sky News the major parties have fallen in line with the Greens and the Left in conflating defence of our culture and traditions with racism.

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