NSW Legislative Council Candidate

Colin Grigg

My Vision:

Over recent years I have become increasingly concerned about the direction that our great nation of Australia is heading.

Freedoms are being lost, tolerance is accepted as long as we are tolerating what the totalitarian left has on their agenda, and free speech, something which is a must in order to preserve our democratic society, is very much under threat.

It is for this reason that I have put myself forward to run for the NSW Legislative Council. I am currently a Councillor at Lake Macquarie Council, just south of Newcastle in NSW, having been elected in the 2016 Local Government Elections.

We need people of honesty and integrity in our parliaments who will stand up for truth, righteousness and morality in order to re-establish our nation as the great land it once was.

We need politicians who tell the truth and who really care about the freedoms and core values our country once had.

We need politicians who will sacrifice themselves for the good of our country and stand up to the bullies, bribes and coercions and do what is morally right, do what is best for our nation, and not bow to those who want to take for themselves.

About Me:

I have been a Minister of Religion since I was 25 years old, which has involved many and varied activities. I am a father of four children, all of whom are married, and my wife, Debra and I have six grandchildren. As a Minister, I have served in many areas both here in Australia and around the world. I have planted churches in the Southern Highlands, Campbelltown, Penrith and Ryde.

My wife and I ran a rehab in association with the Salvation Army’s Oasis Programme over six years from the beginning 1997 through to the end of 2002 in Londonderry, NSW (near Windsor) where we saw many homeless people accommodated and rehabilitated.

My History:

We have also run many Missions to India, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji, Paraguay and Sri Lanka, giving assistance following Tsunami’s and Floods, as well as Training and Teaching new Pastors and Students in Bible Colleges.

As a 60 year old I received a call from God to look more to teaching and training leaders, feeling that there were not many honest and moral living heroes in our world right now.

Feeling that burden heavily on my heart, I was led to join up with John Maxwell and the John Maxwell Leadership Team and studied extensively for over a year gaining a position on their Mentorship Team.

This led to my heading to Paraguay in January 2016 to conduct a national campaign, at the invitation of the President of Paraguay to transform every person over the age of 18 years.

John Maxwell called this campaign, Transformation Paraguay.

Our mission was to go into parliaments, schools, hospitals, universities and businesses etc. At the end of one week, 250 John Maxwell Coaches, Speakers and Teachers had trained more than 20,000 Paraguayans as Trainers to go and teach Leadership Principles to the rest of the seven million people in Paraguay.

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