Coalition backbencher stands with Conservatives on Chinese meddling

May 22, 2018

Australian Conservatives leader, senator Cory Bernardi, has commended Western Australian Liberal and Coalition backbencher Andrew Hastie for calling out Chinese meddling in politics.

Under parliamentary privilege earlier today, Mr Hastie named an Australian-based Chinese businessman Chau Chak Wing as allegedly being the hitherto unnamed person-of-interest in a UN bribery case. At the time of writing, the story had made the New York Times online edition and was expected to trigger a broader international debate on China's efforts to influence domestic governments.

New South Wales based Mr Chau has previously been linked to controversy surrounding Chinese donations to Australia's major political parties.

Australian Conservatives have been strident advocates for a stronger stance on Chinese influence in Australia, including this statement last December outlining the history - to that date - of Senator Bernardi's efforts.

Senator Bernardi said he was glad to have a Coalition backbencher standing with Australian Conservatives standing up to Chinese government and sympathiser attempts to influence Australian and other sovereign politics.

"We are glad to have someone else willing to expose China's meddling," Senator Bernardi said, "It is time for the major parties to dump Chinese donors and stop selling out Australians for foreign interests."


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