Chip In $10

Senator Cory Bernardi outlines the Conservative case for a responsible budget on Sky News last night, canning the Coalition’s budget as a Labor budget.

"Every Australian family is going to end up worse off out of this. We are attacking businesses that make a profit, simply because they make a profit, there is no principal attached to it and the government has not been prepared to cut its own spending," he said. “This is not what a conservative government is meant to be about.”

Senator Bernardi also questioned the amount of government debt that is hidden off the books, including the money that will be poured into infrastructure projects like the new Sydney Airport.

One credit the Australian Conservatives’ Senator will give the government is their 2017/18 Budget commitment to a small trial of drug testing on welfare recipients, forcing them onto the welfare card if they test positive. This comes after significant lobbying from Australian Conservatives - leading A Better Way for Australia.