Coal burning is economic heroism – it’s the Greens we should lock up

November 16, 2018

A Greens’ plan to jail Australians for using coal has been slammed as moonbattery by the Conservatives Party.

Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton said it would be hard for Labor and the Coalition to oppose ideas like this because both parties believed humans are causing climate change.

“You have to hand it to the Greens. If our coal-fired power stations are truly causing bushfires as the warming alarmist movement that Labor and the Coalition have signed on to asserts, then what the Greens say makes perfect sense," he said.

“Australia faces summer blackouts as a result of closing 10 coal-fired power stations over the past 12 years. Labor and the Coalition have allowed the Greens tail to wag the policy dog when it comes to energy policy. We are now in a mess with the massive Liddell power station in the Hunter Valley also about to close," he continued.

“It’s embarrassing that a resource-rich country like Australia faces some of the world’s highest electricity prices and has trouble keeping the lights on.Now the Greens want to take the next logical step. Labor and the Coalition have hitched their wagon to Greens’ ideology on climate and until they de-couple, the Greens will continue to lead the debate,” Mr Shelton said the future of Queensland’s economy and people’s way of life depended on replacing Greens Senator Larissa Waters at next year’s election.

“If I’m elected to the Senate I will be a voice for the most cost-effective and reliable electricity generation source which at present happens to be coal. Carbon dioxide from burning coal is not hurting the planet and it is the key to Queensland’s continued prosperity. The Greens are the ones who should be locked up for their mindless nonsense but getting them out of the Parliament at next year’s election is the next best thing,” Mr Shelton said.

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