November 19, 2018

Release of Climate-Gate emails torpedoes global warming hoax and UN Copenhagen Summit

On 19 November 2009, the Climate-Gate emails, documents, data files and computer codes were released to the world exposing the collusion of top global warming scientists, bureaucrats and media outlets blatantly manipulating climate data, studies, models and narratives to gin up the science of man-made global warming and the political need for “action on climate change”.

The release showed that 'climatologists' on both sides of the Atlantic had trashed the scientific method and conspired to suppress research that challenged the lucrative, industrial-scale global warming 'orthodoxy'. ClimateGate lifted the veil on one of the greatest scientific hoaxes and frauds in the history of mankind – yet global warming alarmism stubbornly ploughs on.

The Climate-Gate email and data dump was well-timed for maximum impact on the UN Copenhagen Climate Summit (COP 15 of the UNFCCC) – intended to be even more pivotal than the Paris Climate Summit six years later (in 2015). Released on the doorstep of the December 2009 climate super summit, the ClimateGate emails torpedoed this UN global gabfest and its bureaucratic intentions to ramp up the economic sabotage of the West.

ClimateGate also derailed the passage of US Democrat President Barack Obama’s proposed “Cap and Trade” emissions package through the US Congress. The release was instrumental in ending the leadership of two Australian leaders of our major political parties at the time – the Liberals' Malcolm Turnbull and, later, Labor's Kevin Rudd. (See further details below, including its impact on Australian politics.)

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Further details on Climate-Gate and its impact

The Climate-Gate email and data dump centred on scientists in, and associated with, the once-esteemed Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. The CRU was, and astonishingly still is, the go-to source for the historical global temperature record (since 1850s), with its two key data sets (HadCRUT and CRUTEM) used by the UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to draw up its reports. It also directs or heavily influences:

  • the Hadley Centre, part of the UK Met Office, which selects most of the IPCC's key scientific contributors
  • the UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO), which has its tentacles in equivalents of Australia's Bureau of Meteorology in WMO's 191 member nations, and
  • most other key, closely-knit global warming alarmist bodies and scientists in the climate field, particularly on both sides of the Atlantic.

Whether due to a hacker or a whistle-blower, the veracity of all the content from the massive Climate-Gate email and data dump has never been disputed or refuted. The only comeback from those exposed (and their industrial climate complex) was to contend that the information was “taken illegally” and “taken out of context”.

When pressed soon after Climate-Gate, exposed CRU director, Professor Philip Jones, famously admitted that his CRU had lost (or thrown out) the raw data adjusted and used to compile the most quoted and referenced global temperature historical record that exists. As such, this time series, with its adjustments, can never be verified or falsified – simply trusted and believed.

Despite the concerted efforts of the globalist, mainstream media (MSM) and search engines like Google to bury this release and its profound implications for climate science, its contents seeped out to enough open, sceptical and scientifically enquiring minds alike across the globe via the internet to call into question:

  • the entire man-made global warming narrative
  • Al Gore’s 2006 schlockumentary, “An Inconvenient Truth
  • the Mann-made hockey stick engineered to “hide the decline”
  • the integrity of climate science and its peer review process (now also referred to as the “pal review” process)
  • the climate science faculties in many respected Western universities
  • the UN and its internationalist bureaucrats
  • freedom of information processes, especially in the UK (wanton obstruction and disregard)
  • the global thermometer-based temperature record since the 1850s
  • continual adjustments to historical temperature records, which always act to strengthen any warming trend and cool the past
  • government meteorological organisations, particularly in Western nations
  • Google’s search engine algorithms, which promote warming-agenda-friendly links while demoting/burying inconvenient ones (and is an order of magnitude worse today), and
  • the climate agenda and biased reporting of the MSM.

Australian context and impact

In Australia, Climate-Gate damaged then Labor PM Kevin Rudd’s “climate change is the great moral challenge of our generation” narrative and crusade that he had been building to fever pitch, largely unopposed by an opposition Liberal Party then led by globalist “warminista”, Malcolm Turnbull.

Without Climate-Gate, it is likely that PM Rudd’s “Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme” (CPRS) – a comprehensive emissions trading scheme – would have sailed through the Australian Parliament unopposed with Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull remaining at the helm and the Coalition abandoning its principles and electoral base.

Instead, Australia dodged a bullet, the Liberal party room found their wits and spine, dumped Turnbull as its leader, opposed PM Rudd’s great big CPRS (who dumped it five months later) and got back to winning for the Australian economy and its people – until it let Turnbull return as leader, further diminishing the party six years later.

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