Climate tripod teeters on brink of collapse

The UN Climate Change Conference in southern Poland has been labelled “climate totalitarianism” propaganda invented by “the socialist internationalist green movement” – according to Polish trade union Solidarity and the Chicago-based think tank the Heartland Institute.

The Conservative Party agrees that the United Nations’ motivation for pushing its climate alarmism is nothing to do with, “saving the planet” and everything to do with global wealth redistribution.

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And it certainly is all about money. The Australian reports, The political difficulties of agreeing on what to do are being subsumed by a global corporate recognition sparked in Paris that this is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity.

China estimates it will spend $US7 trillion ($9.6 trillion) just to meet its commitments for 2030 and an International Finance Corporation report estimates the spend for emerging markets overall will be $US23 trillion.

One developed country lead negotiator tells Inquirer: “The corporates are saying if this is a transition of the entire global economy sector by sector, there are bucketloads of money to be made.’’

To make the point, the World Bank this week set a five-year target of $US200 billion for climate-linked finance. Major European institutions have said they no longer will lend money to things that are not consistent with the Paris Agreement goals.

To push things along, protest groups have implemented a global strategy under the branding “extinction” to mobilise children as the frontline to demand government action. The school protests are the first sign of things to come.

The political challenge is to avoid the vast gaps that already exist from widening further, between nations and between the elites and middle and lower classes who increasingly are feeling the pinch of change. The riots in Paris sparked by threatened increases in fuel taxes as part of climate change measures have been a wake-up call. After French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe pulled out of the opening session, it meant not one G20 leader was there to hear David Attenborough warn of pending societal catastrophe.

The tripod on which global ­action rests is that all countries agree to take action, that all are willing to be open about what they have actually done and that there is confidence that money will be made available to developing ­nations from the developed world.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi told 2GB’s Chris Kenny climate alarmists are successfully shutting debate on climate change down.