Climate change, the new religion: Lambert

March 05, 2019

Climate change is the new religion of the Left, according to the Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate, Rikki Lambert.

The Left has broken down common sense debate into emotive language and attacks anyone who questions the concept of climate change and the effects of human-driven mitigation of it.

Some properties of religions:

  • The are organised
  • They have a hierarchy
  • A set of beliefs
  • They have evangelists who preach and teach
  • They have followers or believers
  • And are closed to other orthodoxy
  • They defend their faith
  • And protect their own
  • Many are willing to become martyrs to the cause
  • They use fear and emotion to warn against non compliance
  • They have a belief in prophecies to come
  • And have group think mentality
  • And use indulgences to absolve sin

Rikki has told Adelaide radio station FIVEaa's Andrew Reimer, the religious passion of climate activists seems to know no bounds.

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