Climate Change Delusion and the Great Energy Ripoff

Senator Cory Bernardi has drawn praise for his stance on mining and energy policy as the Sydney Mining Club promotes an upcoming event, which the Australian Conservatives founder will address. Their promotion reads as follows:

On Thursday October 5th the Sydney Mining Club presents a Blockbuster show with Ian Plimer and special guest Senator Cory Bernardi to Launch Professor Plimer’s New Book… “Climate Change Delusion and the Great Energy Rip-off!” 

How did Australia, one of the world’s largest exporters of coal, gas and uranium, end up with the most unreliable and most expensive energy globally?

It’s nuts, and the world watches on in amazement. Massive subsidies for renewable energy are distorting the market while government mandates are closing coal-fired generators that previously provided cheap reliable electricity, even blowing them up so they can’t be sold or recommissioned.

The electricity market is being gamed! Political energy wars erupt in communities, and on the floor of parliament, as politicians forsake their duty to their people – to keep affordable power to their homes and businesses.

The exception is 47 year-old Cory Bernardi who famously defected from Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberal Party, out of what he saw as a loyalty to conservative values, to form the Australian Conservatives party.

Of course Bernardi and Plimer both hail from South Australia, the most energy-stricken state on what is now the most energy-stricken continent. The state is also the most indebted, the least able to survive without Federal hand-outs, and the least able to risk it all by playing the ‘green energy’ chocolate wheel, as it does.

Professor Plimer’s new book illustrates how renewable energy actually creates more environmental damage than coal-fired electricity generation and how much of the generously-funded climate ‘science’ is underpinned by what he bluntly describes as ‘fraud’.

The energy wars escalate across Australia… indulgences are widely being sought in the form of subsidies from consumers for renewable energy generators in the name of what Plimer terms ‘environmental religion’.

Common sense has left the building, and economic recovery from this compounding train wreck will take decades.
Public delusion around the subject is in crescendo, as the levels of science education so critical to understanding the realities of energy supply, are left in decay under layers of sustainability-speak.

Nuclear, coal, clean coal, fracking, solar, wind – in the policy vacuum – the public head spins. Plimer says ‘It has never been shown that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming and the recent massive increases in emissions produced no warming.

‘However, there is a simple solution to the suicidal energy policy created by pandering to green hysteria that gave us ruinable energy.’

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