Climate change activists secretly coaching children

February 18, 2019

Taxpayer-funded eco-worriers are coaching children to skip school again next month, giving them detailed instructions on how to play truant, make posters and organise “marshals” for a climate change protest march - a move slammed by the Conservative Party as further politicising our education system.

The well-resourced campaign even provides “phone scripts” and “text message scripts” for children to convert their friends to the cause and tells them to fill out form letters to school principals for the March 15 school strike.

Despite claims the walkout is being “initiated” and “led” by volunteer students, The Daily Telegraph has uncovered extensive links between the hard line Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) and websites providing logistics for the truant day.

It follows a similar strike last November, when thousands of placard-wielding students across Australia missed school to take to the streets.

AYCC, which runs “social justice bootcamps” run by “seasoned activists” to train high school student “leaders” to become climate activists, has received $786,524 in government grants over the past three financial years.

Under the template letters for the school strike, children are told to write to their local federal MP:

“I am very worried about climate change because (insert reasons). Will you meet with me to have a discussion about this and how we can get more action happening to stop dangerous climate change? With hope (insert name, age, home town).”

Among the cheat sheets given to children are Excel spreadsheets on co-ordinating groups, timelines, writing media releases and organising marshals. Another document tells teachers to “assure parents who may be uncertain or opposed and support your students”.

The domain for is registered in the US by a “Perfect Privacy” company in Jacksonville, which boasts its function is to keep registration details secret.

In its promotional material the website states: “Who is behind the School Strike 4 Climate Action? Volunteer school students are! We are a grassroots student-led network.” But the contact phone number for media listed on the site is the same phone contact for the media officer for the AYCC, which was set up in 2006 as a charity.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has told Chris Kenny on Sydney radio station 2GB, all this climate alarmism is simply stuff and nonsense.

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