Clean up Canberra - slash the Gold Pass and Pollies' Pensions

February 14, 2017

The Coalition wants to wind back the Gold Pass - but they haven't gone far enough.

There is a better way.

Australia's debt stands at $500 billion - that's $20,000 debt per man, woman and child.  

Why would we reward the architects of this disaster?

The Coalition will introduce a Bill in the Senate to restrict Gold Pass access to any former Prime Minister.

Why would we reward those who, over the last 10 years, trashed the office of Prime Minister, turning it into a political Hunger Games?

Australian Conservatives :

  1. believes that only Prime Ministers who have served a minimum term of 4 years should qualify for the Gold Pass.  In short, that means former Prime Ministers Howard, Hawke and Keating will retain Gold Pass access, but Australian Conservatives will cut off the Gold Pass for former Prime Ministers Rudd, Gillard or Abbott.  Indeed, current and future Prime Ministers would only earn the Gold Pass if they serve for 4 years.

  2. will cull former PM office entitlements - Similarly, only former Prime Ministers who served the minimum 4 year term should get an office, staff and other entitlements currently given to all former Prime Ministers.

  3. will slash early access to politicians' pensions  - Why should a former member of Parliament be able to start accessing their superannuation decades before every other Australian?  Super should only be available at retirement age like the rest of us. 

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