Chinese communist government influence, spying increasing

Defence experts including national security consultant Dr Ross Babbage, has warned about the ‘degree of naivety’ from Australia in regard to Chinese technology theft in Australia.

The Australian Conservative Party have been alert to these threats since inception, calling out Chinese communist government influence and espionage. The Conservatives are seeking a Royal Commission into Chinese communist influence – which you can support here. A Royal Commission would be no different to what the Menzies government initiated into Soviet communist influence in the 1950s, something Conservative leader Cory Bernardi pointed out in during Question Time in September seeking a Royal Commission (video embedded below).

Primrose Riordan writes in The Australian newspaper today that China will target radar technology and quantum computing capabilities in Sydney and Canberra to advance its military capabilities, according to former defence officials.

Meanwhile, Matthew Denholm, Tasmanian correspondent for The Australian, wrote on Saturday that a prominent Chinese-Tasmanian leader has been accused of being part of China’s soft influence push. Xin De Wang, aka ‘Master Wang’, leads the Hobart-based Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia but it is his role as the president of the Tasmanian branch of the ‘Australian Council for the Peaceful Re-unification of China’ (ACPRC) that has raised eyebrows. Master Wang denies the allegations, despite telling his Tantrayana Buddhist followers in in his December 11, 2016 broadcast on Hobart FM radio to be guided by Beijing’s policies ‘in everything we do’.

The ACPRC has been identified by ANU academic Clive Hamilton (in his book ‘Silent Invasion’) and others as a primary channel for Chinese communist government influence in Australia. Prominent Australian political donor Huang Xiangmo – who came under intense scrutiny for his connections to now-disgraced Labor senator Sam Dastyari – was, until November last year, the head of the pro-China ACPRC.

Here’s Conservative Party leader, founder and senator for South Australia, Cory Bernardi asking a question of government leader Matthias Cormann in Question Time in September: