China tried to block Falun Gong from parade

December 03, 2018

In further proof of Chinese Communist Government influence in Australia, The Australian reports that the Chinese government tried to block Falun Gong practitioners from taking part in Perth’s popular Christmas Pageant on Saturday night.

The Conservative Party has long been calling for a royal commission into Chinese Communist Party influence in Australia.

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The Falun Dafa Association, which promotes Falun Gong, said it was told by event organiser Seven West Media on Saturday morning the troupe of 40 Chinese dancers and drummers could not join the parade because of a complaint from the Chinese consulate in Perth.

But in a compromise that was hastily arranged a few hours ­before the event, the practitioners were told they could take part as long as their clothing and instruments did not identify them as Falun Gong to the estimated crowd of 200,000 people. The drummers were ordered to turn their drums around so the words Falun Dafa could not be seen.

Seven West Media, owned by billionaire Kerry Stokes, yesterday strongly denied that it made any moves towards removing the group. But it confirmed it told the Falun Dafa Association it could not display any identifying ­material during the pageant.

Falun Gong is banned by the Chinese Communist Party, which describes it as a dangerous cult. The group says it is a peaceful movement that champions compassion and tolerance through meditation and exercise.

The Weekend Australian revealed on Saturday that Victoria University cancelled the recent screening of an anti-Chinese Communist Party film, In the Name of Confucius, after the ­Chinese consulate in Melbourne raised concerns.

The film, linked to Falun Gong, claims a global network of ­Chinese-backed Confucius Institutes is used to spread CCP influence in Western universities.

Lucy Zhao, Falun Dafa Association national president, said the group’s application to take part in the Perth Christmas Pageant was accepted some time ago. She said the group had participated without any controversy in previous years.

Ms Zhao said Australians should be concerned at the ­Chinese Communist Party’s level of influence.

“Why are people allowing the Chinese government to put this sort of pressure on businesses and our politicians?” she said.

Conservative Party leader Senator Cory Bernardi has told Tom Connell on Sky News, he doesn't feel that a national integrity commission will be able to uncover Chinese Communist Party influence, rather a royal commission is needed. 

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