Plugging Coalition survival with taxpayer$ for Katter not how NQ should grow

November 09, 2018

Scott Morrison’s cash for Katter’s vote is further evidence of how broken Canberra is and why principled Conservatives are needed in the Senate.

Queensland Senate Candidate Lyle Shelton said the water projects announced for North Queensland were worthy projects but North Queensland should not have to rely on political blackmail to get things done.

“Canberra is dysfunctional because political blackmail and bribery are too often how things get done. If Bob Katter had not threatened to vote with Labor and the Greens to bring down the Government by referring Chris Crewther to the High Court over his eligibility to sit in the Parliament, North Queensland would not be getting a cent,” he said.

“This is no way to spend taxpayers’ money and it is no way to treat the people of North Queensland. North Queenslanders are tired of being neglected and most Australians are disillusioned with politicians who will do whatever it takes to achieve an outcome or hold on to power,” he continued.

Mr Shelton said Conservatives in the Senate would be a force for principle and conviction, not pork barrelling and power plays.

“We want to disrupt the current political culture for good,” Mr Shelton said.

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