Candidate Application

Be part of the change our Nation needs.

Australian Conservatives are changing politics and are looking for outstanding candidates to support our credible, principled and stable alternative to politics as usual at State and Federal elections.

As Australia’s fastest growing political movement, our members are determined to provide a better way for our nation. If you are interested, you’ll need to be motivated, principled and with a track record of community leadership.

Here’s how pre-selection works:

Our goal is to make sure our candidates have the best possible chance of success and that means we look for team oriented people who have what it takes. Our selection process is rigorous and competitive.

Any Australian Conservatives member in good standing may apply to be a candidate by completing the Candidate Application Form.

An initial assessment of applicants is carried out by a candidate assessment panel appointed by the Federal Executive. The panel helps establish a register of approved persons who are then considered eligible to nominate for pre-selection. All those eligible are then advised when pre-selection nominations are open.

If formally nominating for pre-selection, a candidate must complete the candidate profile and pay the candidate nomination fee as determined by the Federal Executive

Members of 13 months’ standing or Australian Conservatives Founding Members, who are on the electoral roll in the constituency, will have the candidate profile made available to them and, after an appropriate period (as determined by the Federal Executive), may then vote for their preferred parliamentary candidate.

The decision by local members is subject to approval by the party’s Federal Executive.

Candidate application forms are available to members only. To become a member you can join here. If you’re already a member, ensure you are logged in and you will be able to download the candidate form on this page.