Canberra strands Beijing's man overseas

February 06, 2019

The stranding overseas of Beijing's former top lobbyist in Australia, Huang Xiangmo, after Australian officials declared him unfit to hold an Australian passport and cancelled his permanent residency is a feather in the cap of the Conservative Party.

The Conservatives have been pushing for years for the government to strengthen our national security in the face of increasing Chinese Communist Party influence.

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The Age and  Sydney Morning Herald, which have been investigating Mr Huang’s activities for two years, have previously revealed how he used former senator Sam Dastyari to repeatedly call immigration officials to check on his case.

Mr Huang invited Mr Dastyari to a Chinese-language media press conference in which Mr Dastyari contradicted his party’s policy on the South China Sea. That, along with the revelation Mr Dastyari had tipped off Mr Huang that his phone was being tapped by spy agencies, led to his political downfall.

Mr Huang is fighting to return to his $13 million Sydney mansion after being notifed by Australian officials while out of the country that his long-stalled application to become an Australian citizen has been turned down.

The decision is the first enforcement action to be made by Canberra against a suspected Chinese Communist Party influence agent after the Coalition launched a counter-interference campaign against Beijing in 2018.

The blocking of Mr Huang's citizenship raises questions about whether Labor and the Coalition should return the almost $2.7 million he has made in political donations over five years.

Senior government sources have confirmed that the Home Affairs Department denied Mr Huang a passport for a range of reasons, including character grounds.
They were also concerned about the reliability of his answers in interviews and correspondence with authorities including ASIO.

Official sources say Mr Huang is now fighting to return to Australia from an overseas trip, but may never be able to return to Sydney, where he has lived with his wife and children since 2011, most recently on a hilltop mansion in Mosman.

Mr Huang rose to prominence through his prolific political fundraising and networking, his funding of former foreign minister Bob Carr’s Sydney think tank, the Australia-China Relations Institute, and his role as chairman of the Chinese Communist Party’s top influence group in Australia.

The citizenship decision, confirmed by government sources, came after ASIO and immigration officials spent more than two years analysing Mr Huang’s background as a businessman, his ties to the Chinese Communist Party in Australia and China, and answers he gave in interviews with Australian security officials.

Last year in the Senate, Senator Bernardi spelled out why a royal commission into Chinese Communist Party influence in Australia should be called.

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