Canberra and the crisis of courage

August 30, 2018

Federal spokesman Lyle Shelton wrote to Australian conservatives yesterday about the urgent need for change in federal politics: 

Whether it is an anti-coal electricity policy, pinky fingernail painting in the military or lack of resolve on debt – the Coalition is adrift on a sea of political correctness.

Unlike the Conservative Party, it doesn’t know what to do.  

Last week’s Dutton insurgency was an attempt to address this and despite removing the “progressive” Left Prime Minister, it failed.

The captain has changed but the team on the bridge has not. Most Australians have no idea what all the fuss was about.

They just see backstabbing and insider Canberra bubble games. People see the political blood spurting everywhere but don’t know why. And they hate it because the politicians are not focussing on them.

Sadly, the public’s confusion is compounded because most of the insurgents rarely take their concerns to the public square. Most don’t have the courage.

Fear about speaking out in public means Australians rarely hear the arguments pushing back on the dominant Green-Left trajectory of Australian politics.

The one group in politics never afraid to speak about their beliefs in public with conviction are the Greens. For 30 years the Greens have argued for the closing down of the coal industry.

They have worked to de-gender marriage and use political correctness to restrict what you and I can say.

Today, under a Coalition Government, Australia is on the brink of saying no to new coal-fired power stations, there is a ban on even considering nuclear energy and Greens’ social policy has been adopted by a large swathe of the Coalition party membership.

Who would think that the Greens would make so much progress on the Coalition’s watch?

This of course brings us to the Conservative Party. Without a principled and fearless voice in the Parliament and in the public square to counter the Greens, the Coalition continues to capitulate.

You and I can help end the crisis of courage and turn our nation around. We can inject courage back into Canberra and get our nation back on track.

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