Call the Wambulance!

September 30, 2018

Inveterate publicity seeker and eternal victim, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is - yet again - pleading for attention, releasing a book about, "slut-shaming".

In the book, En Garde, she also claims Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi sang nursery rhymes into her ear during a parliamentary debate. 

The fencing reference in the book's title coincides with the book's release roughly six months out from a federal election at which Senator Hanson-Young seeks to retain her place on the piste representing South Australia. Hanson-Young narrowly survived a preselection challenge from former Greens senator Robert Simms - a situation Senator Bernardi spoke about in this Sky News Australia video in March before the preselection showdown.

The book comes as the Greens cop an avertissement from women for mishandling sexual misconduct allegations within the party.

The Advertiser reports, Hanson-Young writes in En Garde that Greens party members tried to stop her from running for the Senate in 2007 after she became pregnant.

Hanson Young suggests some Greens still have an issue with women in politics, “My joy at being an expectant mother quickly turned to disappointment when a group inside one of the local branches tried to have my preselection ruled invalid on the basis that I was pregnant.” 

Hanson Young also accused Senator Bernardi of heckling her in the Senate in 2014.

“He was leaning in, close to me, singing his songs, almost in a whisper,” she said. “He then said the name of a man he insinuated I had slept with.”

Hanson-Young said she did not want to draw attention to the exchange, that happened during the last sitting in 2014, for fear it would focus attention on "rumours".

Senator Bernardi told The Advertiser, “I can’t even contemplate getting close enough to Sarah Hanson-Young to whisper anything in her ear. Unfortunately, self-absorbed narcissists like Sarah have a habit of rewriting history to suit their victimhood status.”

In July, Senator Bernardi spoke about Greens Senator Hanson-Young's history of making provocative statements and subsequent tears to attract public sympathy.

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