Burst the Canberra Bubble

February 01, 2018

It’s time we hold politicians in Canberra to account!

Together, we can burst the Canberra Bubble.

For the past ten years, politicians in Canberra have put themselves — not Australia — first. That’s got to stop, and with your help, we can stop it.

It’s time to Burst the Canberra Bubble. It’s time to hold our politicians to account and put Australians first again.

Australia is mired in over $500 billion in debt, plagued with wasteful spending, and trapped in a revolving door of prime ministers. While you feel the pain, politicians are protected by the Canberra Bubble that you pay for.

Australian Conservatives know there’s a better way, that's why on March 1 2017, we launched our Burst the Canberra Bubble campaign. We can burst the Canberra Bubble by:

  1. Freezing politicians' and senior bureaucrats’ pay until the budget is back in the black;
  2. Culling the professional political class by setting term limits;
  3. Live disclosure of political and departmental spending;
  4. End the blame game of federal and state duplication;
  5. Reform political donations;
  6. End politicians’ generous post-office perks; and
  7. Reform Parliament to act in your interests.

Everyday Australians have been ignored for too long. Since our first day, Australian Conservatives have been the lone voice leading Australians to burst the Canberra Bubble.

What action can I take?

  • Share the link to this Action Plan
  • Retweet our Tweet backing a senators’ pay freeze until the budget is in surplus
  • Write to the Prime Minister, local federal MP or 12 state senators asking them to support our 7 point plan toburst the Canberra Bubble.
  • Join Australian Conservatives to chart #abetterway for Australian politics

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