Brokenshire warns against ‘purple’ politicisation of students

With the national marriage survey postal vote approaching, Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire has warned against political activists targeting school students at Australian high schools.

“Wear it Purple Day” is an event held annually in celebration of gay, lesbian, and transgender young people on the 25th of August. In response to Brighton Secondary School in Adelaide’s south using an electronic billboard on a prominent road to urge students to “wear it purple” featuring the LGBT rainbow, Mr Brokenshire attacked the promotion of the event:

“Why don’t they have a blue day for heterosexual students? Why don’t they have a special day for people with learning disabilities? Where does it start and stop?”, Mr Brokenshire said.

“Their role is to educate students not to politicise certain viewpoints within that school or indeed try and influence young people in a debate.”

Brokenshire told Adelaide ABC Radio listeners this morning that Brighton Secondary School should not take part in “Wear it Purple Day” due to the politicisation of the school and its students, particularly with today being the final day to register on the electoral roll to participate in the marriage survey.

The Australian Conservatives MLC remarked that schools should be focussed on curriculum (particularly in light of poor recent academic rankings) not social values promotions that are the proper domain of parental authority and responsibility.