Brokenshire takes Xenophon team to task on regional claims

January 16, 2018

Australian Conservatives SA have taken Nick Xenophon's untested 'SA-Best' party to task on their claims that only they will represent regional South Australians if elected.

Xenophon's "SA-Best" - which presently has no representatives in the South Australian parliament - claimed during a recent launch of their candidates that if Port Augusta mayor and Legislative Council #3 candidate Sam Johnson was elected, he would provide a 'sole' voice for regional South Australians in the absence of any 'current member of the Legislative Council who actually lives or resides outside the greater metropolitan area'.

“It seems Mr Johnson hasn’t done his homework about the makeup of the Legislative Council or been paying much attention to state politics for the past few years otherwise he would know that not all legislative councillors live in the city,” Mr Brokenshire said in comments published in regional papers such as the Riverland's Murray Pioneer. Mr Brokenshire is a dairy farmer from Mount Compass, a country township 59 kilometres from Adelaide.

Mr Brokenshire also noted the credentials of his running mate, Conservatives #2 Legislative Council candidate Nicolle Jachmann (pictured). "Nicolle has not been locked away in one regional area, her farming interests are based in the Riverland and Kangaroo Island, so she has a strong knowledge of agriculture and she understands people and issues in rural areas are not all the same. She manages an aged care facility and knows the health challenges in the regions.  She is a parent who knows the education system and the challenges of distance for students wanting to access tertiary education. And, as a female candidate, she would bring the female rural perspective to the upper house which is a perspective that is actually missing in the current makeup of the parliament.”


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