Breaking of The Siege of Vienna

October 15, 2018

On 15 October 1529, a near three-week Siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire – the last Sunni Islamic Caliphate (besides attempted caliphate, ISIS) – was broken by the Viennese. The siege was broken thanks in part to European Christian mercenaries and by a fortuitous and significant amount of adverse weather.

The breaking of the Siege marked the end of the Ottoman Turks' drive both west and north, ever deeper into European Christendom. The Ottomans had advanced easily since the fall of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) in 1453 and in more recent times under their then commanding caliph or sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent.

The capture of Vienna – a key city for land routes and river trade on the Danube – had been planned by Suleiman and the Islamic Turks since May that year, and known for some time by the Viennese and Christian Europe.

The breaking of the siege led to the creation of the croissant by the coffee houses of Vienna to celebrate the defeat of the Ottoman “Army of the Crescent”.

After this failure to take Vienna, the Ottomans were successfully resisted in most conflicts along the boundary of the Christian and Islamic worlds for the next 154 years. Another Ottoman siege of pivotal Vienna in July-September 1683 saw them massively and humiliatingly defeated.

For the following 240 years, the Ottoman Caliphate slowly declined and retracted from Europe and many of its other territories until it was wound up soon after World War I. Its remaining heartland was secured by a (Turkish) war of independence and ultimately turned into the Republic of Turkey (established 29 October 1923) by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk – a secularist, nationalist, first Turkish president - and veteran of the Gallipoli campaign against ANZAC troops.

Commemorate the breaking of the 1529 Siege of Vienna by:

  • enjoying a croissant with your favourite beverage this week, the breaking of which symbolises the defeat of the Army of the Crescent
  • celebrating with some Viennese frankfurts, coffee, whirl biscuits or sacher torte cake to boot – in solidarity with the defenders of liberalism and freedom against religious fascism
  • planning a visit to Vienna and central Europe for your next overseas holiday
  • viewing this documentary on Vienna’s 1529 siege by the Ottomans
  • watching this documentary film on “Islam: What the West needs to Know
  • checking out this Senate motion on the siege introduced by Senator Bernardi and the Conservative Party in late 2017
  • researching further the Ottoman Caliphate’s two sieges of Vienna, and/or
  • sharing this Action Plan post on social media with family, friends, conservatives, classical liberals, defenders of Western civilisation and those that value the freedom, prosperity and civility of our inheritance and exceptionalism.

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