Brown calls for trebling of 2030 emissions reduction

July 19, 2018

Former Greens leader Bob Brown has slammed the Turnbull government’s energy plan as a “cop out” that needs a drastic overhaul ahead of a crucial meeting where the Greens could make or break the policy.

Brown's comments are reminiscent of the Greens' puritanism in their global warming dogma during the 2009 debate on Kevin Rudd's Emissions Trading Scheme, where the Greens rejected a step in their preferred direction as inferior to their own fantasies.

Brown told The Age that Energy Minister Josh Frydenbreg's National Energy Guarantee will do too little to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the electricity sector, imposing greater costs on Australians and shift the 'load' (of reducing emissions) on to other parts of the economy.

The founder of the Greens also wants the government's 2030 emissions reduction target trebled while Senator Bernardi wants it scrapped.

Brown, like his green disciples, speaks of whimsical fantasy 'targets' where the only cost or 'load' to be borne by other sectors  (e.g. farming) depends on Australia remaining in the Paris climate agreement.

Senator Bernardi has told radio station FIVEaa's Leon Byner if we pull out of the Paris agreement we will no longer be beholden to bogus green theology, we can remove renewable subsidies and bring stability back to the energy market and make power prices affordable again.

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