Bleeding hearts want to move Australia Day but ignore children in peril

September 24, 2018

Former Federal Labor Minister and now media commentator Graham Richardson has launched a broadside at a New South Wales Mayor, Simon Richardson (pictured), who has succeeded in moving a motion to bring the date of Australia Day forward by one day for residents of Byron Bay. 

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi is both a defender of keeping the date of Australia Day as 26 January and also of moving quickly to protect endangered children in indigenous communities.

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Richardson wrote in The Australian:

"Byron Bay is a beautiful place to visit but sadly it is also a place where mugs are trumps ... The only thing that makes this tokenistic lunacy worth a mention is the mayor’s extraordinary claim that “No one wants Australia Day on the 26th”.

This was beyond bravado and ignored the views of the great majority of Australians.

He went on with the usual claptrap of those of his bent by adding that Australia Day marks the day when “the cultural decimation and denigration of the first Australians began”.

The mayor may get his paltry reward of a few moments’ publicity but, like all those who parrot this nonsense, he will sink back to his well deserved oblivion.

The Greens have hardly been noticed in recent months ever since their leader, Richard Di Natale, announced that changing the date of Australia Day was his main priority for this year.

Any politician who takes this kind of stance places himself or herself outside the views of the overwhelming majority of the population.

The reason why the Greens’ vote is stuck on about 10 per cent of the first-preference vote is that it sets itself up as a party of the extreme Left and seeks policies that can only appeal to those who are already on board.

My real problem with the bleeding-heart brigade’s campaign to change the date of Australia Day is that they totally ignore the real challenge in dealing with indigenous communities. You would be entitled to wonder why they have missed the horrific accounts of child sexual abuse, particularly in the Northern Territory. This disgrace is not new either. I encountered it first-hand in the town of Balgo a quarter of a century ago.

Like so many before and since, I failed to report what I knew because of the fear of being labelled a racist and also because of a misplaced view that the community itself would find a solution. When so many of the men, and indeed some of the women, are drunk or high most of the time, the environment to fix serious social problems just doesn’t exist.

No matter how many want to scream “Stolen Generation revisited”, into a loud hailer, there are children being cruelly abused in indigenous communities and we must move them out of harm’s way.

Why not, from the coffers of the federal government, give the Northern Territory government the money to hire enough qualified people to review the situation of every child who has been reported as being in danger.

If children need to be taken from their homes, which in too many cases are not safe havens but rather places of abuse and neglect, then so be it.

Priority to put these kids in with safe indigenous families would be good but, where necessary, Chinese, caucasian or any safe home would be far better than leaving them in peril.

When gross abuse occurs in the suburbs of our great cities, no one complains when a child is removed.

One name is never mentioned in these disputes and I am stunned that no criticism is levied in his direction. I am referring to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Nigel Scullion, who has been missing in action for far too long."

Senator Bernardi has told Sky News the real problem is that we are too permissive of the atrocities happening in aboriginal communities.

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