Birth of the Australian Greens (UTG)

March 22, 2019

On 23 March 1972, the United Tasmania Group (UTG) – a pre-cursor to the Australian Greens – was formed in a Hobart Town Hall love-in to block the then bi-partisan proposal (at State level) to develop future hydro-electricity and water security at Lake Pedder.

The UTG is widely regarded as the world’s first Green party to contest elections and came within 200 votes of winning a seat in its first electoral outing – the April 1972 Tasmanian state election, which then Labor opposition leader, “Electric Eric” Reece, won in a landslide.

Despite the green opposition, newly-elected Labor Premier Reece proceeded with the major Lake Pedder infrastructure project to provide cheap, reliable renewable energy and precious water for an enhanced economic future.

Over the next two decades, the UTG morphed into the (Tasmanian and) Australian Greens – the latter being a confederation of the eight state and territorial parties that had nucleated by the early 1990s.

In their beginnings, the Greens were focused on deep-green environmental issues – trees, streams and marines. But since the turn of the century, they have been irrevocably captured by cultural Marxist, nihilistic, globalist, atheistic, iconoclastic, xenophilic and identity politics. The pejorative slur that the Greens are “watermelons” – green on the outside, Marxist-red in the centre – now rings true. The Greens now resemble gas-lighting, misanthropic fifth-column elements propagating familial, cultural and societal cancer. (See further details below.)

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Further inconvenient truths for the “Watermelon Greens”

The Greens’ destructive decades have resulted in some spectacular own-goals – ie failures to uphold their own principles for their own voters or have sincere regard for human life.

In mid-2008, the Australian Greens sided with the Rudd Labor government to dismantle the Howard Government’s effective Pacific Solution. As expected, the people-smuggling trade and Indonesian boats filled with illegal migrants from third countries quickly restarted, as did the accidents, tragedies, drownings, taxpayer costs and disruption to Australian communities – shrugged off by SA Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson Young, as “accidents happen, tragedies happen”.

In 2009, the Australian Greens twice blocked then Labor PM Kevin Rudd’s cap-and-trade emissions trading scheme (ETS, aka Rudd’s CPRS package) as it was not pure enough for their dogmatic, climate-alarmist tastes and standards. This delayed Leftist “action on climate change” until the Gillard-Brown carbon tax was introduced in mid-2012 – which the Abbott-Coalition Government repealed in mid-2014. But apparently, the Greens had no regrets over the end result (currently no comprehensive carbon tax or ETS, and thankfully) nor the dogmatic position and journey they took.

In 1998, the Australian Greens in the Federal Senate developed an amendment to bolt onto a Howard Government nuclear industry reform bill (creating ARPANSA and its governing Act) that was passing through the Parliament. Not unlike the Medivac bill of February 2019, the amendment profoundly changed the essence of the bill by prohibiting (zero-carbon) nuclear power outright across Australia and (incredibly) went through on the voices – ie no division or formal vote was needed. (Back then, Australia had plenty of cheap, reliable electricity – largely coal- and gas-fired – and no international emissions agreements to meet, so nuclear power was seen as unnecessary, and only politically inflammatory. How the electricity and emissions-policy landscapes have changed!)

Over the decades, Greens ideology has given us failed cataclysmic prophecies such as Paul Ehrlich’s “The Population Bomb”, nuclear winter/Armageddon and an ice-free, drowning “fireball earth” due to run-away, man-made global warming. The first two were duds – man was found to be better and smarter than that – and the third is turning out to be a fizzer too (despite the efforts of the scientific elite, main-stream media and other vested interests to keep the lucrative scare/scam alive).

In recent times, the Australian Greens have been plunged into a state of turmoil with an astonishing spate of accusations regarding sexual harassment, abuse, rape, bullying and hate speech made against each other (among both parliamentary and rank-and-file members). They also appear to be the most mono-chrome and least diverse group in our Parliaments in terms of ethnicity and culture. Given their incessant preaching against misogyny, intolerance, intimidation, bullying and a lack of diversity, such hypocrisy and projection leaves them seeming as happy and functional as the Marxists their actions emulate.

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